Is Kamagra oral jelly a less expensive version of Viagra?

Kamagra oral jelly is a preparation especially for men. It cannot be taken by women or children, even though women can have similar problems to men with their sexual activity.

It contains some of the same ingredients as Viagra and Sildenafil and shares with them the purpose of assisting in obtaining a penile erection. The gel is not available on prescription, and cannot yet be purchased in the UK, but can in some other countries, such as India and Netherlands. Buying the product online is not yet legal in the European Union, because Kamagra is still being tested, even though the ingredients have been in use in other preparations since 1989. Doctors in the UK and Europe do not recommend it for this reason. It is known that some men will suffer side effects from using it, the most common being headaches and dizziness. It has to be taken orally and comes in different flavours. Kamagra is also sold in tablet form.

The main producer of Kamagra is Ajanta Pharma Limited, a company based in India.

However, there are many counterfeit products on sale, especially through websites. People in other countries therefore need to take extra care when purchasing it, to ensure that they are buying the genuine product. Some of these generic products contain unknown ingredients that can be fatal to those taking them.

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Kamagra jelly works in a similar way to the other products mentioned above, by relaxing certain muscles to allow an improved flow of blood to the penis.

This means that, in certain circumstances, it can be used to treat patients with other conditions. It can only be taken once a day, and should not be taken if the patient has a diet high in fat or a diet that includes grapefruit. It should not be taken by anyone with heart problems or anyone who is taking organic nitrates for other conditions. This is because it is designed to affect the blood pressure of the person taking it. If it is taken too often, it can lead to conditions such as loss of vision. Another drawback is that the use of Kamagra and similar products to treat erectile problems can disguise the gradual onset of medical conditions such as heart disease and discourage the patient from seeking appropriate treatment at an early stage.

There are several chemicals within the body that can affect a man’s ability to achieve an erection.

The active ingredients of Kamagra are broken down by the body’s metabolism and work on a section of the penis called the “corpora cavernosa” to reduce the production of an enzyme called PDE5, which affects the ability of the organ to produce a chemical called cGMP; cGMP assists the flow of blood into the penis and enables it to be stored there for longer, thus making it easier to obtain an erection.

The jelly form of Kamagra does not need to be taken with water, but dissolves quickly in the mouth.

After taking Kamagra, the effects will normally be felt within about twenty minutes and can last for as much as a couple of hours. However, the patient must be feeling sexually aroused in order for it to take effect.