Propecia review and results

Hair loss and PropeciaPropecia originally started out as a medication for prostate enlargements in 1980, but in the middle of 1990s its hair loss remedy features were discovered.
Propecia is a medication that is implied to block down testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) in the body. Propecia can be applied by men who suffer hair loss on the scalp vertex and mid-shaft areas. Male hair loss, alopecia and pattern baldness are common problems that can be faced both in older and prematurely. It often leads to shifts in hairline and top-head balding.

Propecia is a treatment reviewed and approved by a range of reputable medical and dermatology associations.

Propecia pills consist of Finasteride 1mg which is an active ingredient that can be absorbed by skin too.

DHT is a substance that is closely related to thinning hair problem. This compound is able to shrink your hair follicles until they totally lose their hair re-grow abilities. Finasteride prevents DHT influence in male pattern baldness.

Propecia pills should be taken once a day with or without foods. The consumption lasts for 3 months in case you want to see effective results. Whether you decide to start or finish Propecia course, always check with your doctor. It’s crucial to take no less and no more than the medicine instructions tell you. Don’t quit Propecia preparation even if you start feeling better. If you miss one dose, take it the same day or just switch on your regular schedule.

Propecia hair growthClinical investigations have shown almost 100% of visible relief in men who took Propecia. It is very good results compared to Rogaine treatment results. Though Propecia is not confirmed to fight hair loss in temples, it will certainly bring relief and further hair re-growth to your vertex and mid-shaft.


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If you decide to buy Propecia in pharmacy, you should learn about its side effects. Propecia causes lower libido and erection. These side effects were faced only by 2% of men taking this medication. You may also experience facial swelling, skin itching or breast tenderness. If you have breathing problem you should check with your medical specialist.

Propecia is different from all other natural herbal treatments as it is applied orally to ensure good assimilation. It needs to be taken just once a day and purchased merely through checked pharmacy institutions (like Propecia online resources) that ensure high quality.