Propecia for men in Australia

Propecia in AustraliaDo you know a guy with thinning hair or partial baldness? If you happen to see this guy with his hair remarkably regenerating, he has probably been using Propecia. It is a drug.

Propecia, also known as Finasteride by its generic name, is a prescription medicine widely used by men to treat hair loss (my personal experience: I am buying Generic Propecia via online). Also known as androgenic alopecia, male pattern hair loss has been a common condition for a long time. But today, those men with thinning hair or partial baldness have increasingly been able to have their hair regenerate well by using Propecia. Some clinical studies have indicated that 90 percent of men using this prescription drug have improved or at least maintained their hair. This medicine has proved to show positive results in improving hair loss on the vertex and the anterior areas of the mid-scalp.

The results start to show within 3 to 12 months of using Propecia. In that period, results confirmed by actual hair count reveal that most of the men who continued the treatment for 2 years saw either a complete stop of hair loss or an increase in hair growth. This has been the result of taking a daily 5mg tablet containing Finasteride – the active ingredient of Propecia. One user of Propecia has now been taking the daily pill for seven years and he confirmed that he has the same amount of hair. This man started taking Propecia at age 23 when he first experienced bald spots. There are many other men of different ages with similar stories using this medicine.

Like any other prescription drug, Propecia should be used with prudence. The first point is uniformity. This drug is at its best result if and when taken regularly. It should be taken daily at the same regular hour and it is not wise to miss a pill. In the case one remembers that he missed a pill soon enough, it is advisable to take it immediately. Otherwise, it is not at all recommended to take more than one pill at a time. Second, as indicated previously, continued use of the drug is highly recommended to sustain benefit. Discontinuing Propecia inevitably leads to the previous condition of hair loss. The third point is that which is inherently tied to all other prescription drugs namely consulting a physician. Propecia should only be started by consulting a doctor. This helps to avoid possible unnecessary harms related to the drug. Prior to starting the medicine, a man should be checked whether he is allergic to Finasterides. In this way, we can get the best out of Propecia.